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The Meta Page Title   8 comments

The meta page title is the second most important factor in all of SEO (search engine optimization). When your website was first created, whoever was programming it had to fill in a section of the coding called the meta page title.

The reason this primitive bit of information matters so much is because search engines have, for a while now, considered the meta page title to be the one true description of a website. The meta page title is like the headline of a newspaper story or the front cover of a book. It encapsulates a web page in about 15 words or fewer.

Google’s decision to make it such a huge factor in ranking websites is pretty arbitrary. They could have made the meta description title, the meta keywords, or any other section of the website code the defining attributes of a website. But because they decided that this area matters so much, we are compelled to pay attention to it, too.

The meta page title is that code at the very top of your internet browser, above the address bar. The only other place you will encounter meta page titles as a normal internet user is when you are looking at search engine results. Those blue underlined headings on the first line of every Google result are simply a direct copy of each site’s meta page title. Google also uses a site’s meta page title as the heading for its search results.

When creating a meta page title, you need to know only the following three things:

–Keep it to a maximum of 100 characters, although Google will show only 65 or so.

–It needs to summarize what your site is about in a simple way for the sake of visitors but also contain keywords so that  Google knows which terms your website should rank for.

–After you’ve finished formulating it, make this sentence the meta page title of my site’s home page.

Effectiveness of Meta Page Titles: The key to a really effective meta page title is including all your most valuable keywords in a human-friendly and Google-friendly way. Lets assume that for a website to show up at the top of Google whenever someone is looking for a criminal lawyer in Mumbai. After doing  research, it was realized that all keyword phrases contain the words lawyer, attorney, Mumbai, criminal, and defense. In other words, if you combine these words in different ways, you will end up with the various keywords that people type in when they are looking for a criminal
lawyer in Mumbai. For the website to rank high for searches related to criminal law representation in two areas outside of Mumbai: Pune,  and Goa. Add those three city names to the list of words that a potential client might enter into Google
and it could be  more than 20 different keywords. That’s a lot of keywords to stuff into a 100-character title.

Earlier keywords would be placed in order of importance, in the meta page title tag.

Mumbai criminal lawyer,Mumbai criminal attorney, Mumbai criminal defense attorney,
Mumbai lawyer, lawyer in Pune,Goa

That type of meta page title is not only unfriendly to visitors, but would probably get your site labeled as spam and dropped to the bottom of the results. The main thing that this meta page title lacks—other than adherence to the character limit—is the fact that Google can read words in any order as long as they are written one time. With that rule in mind, here is a perfect meta page title, the Mumbai criminal lawyer:

Mumbai Criminal Lawyer | Defense Attorney in Pune and Goa

This meta page title incorporates all the words to rank for, and Google doesn’t care about word order. This means that if someone types into Google Pune defense lawyer, Google will consider website an ideal match. Same with criminal defense attorney Mumabi or any other permutation of the words in his site’s meta page title.

So far I’ve been focusing on just your home page meta page title. But nowadays, especially with Google’s newest algorithm updates, it is important to get many pages of your site, not just your home page, to rank. This means you should be specifically concerned with the meta page titles on all the pages of your website, not just your home page. ave a specific page that focuses just on criminal defense in Goa, and the meta page title of that page could be “Goa Criminal Defense Lawyer | Attorney in Goa.” Creating separate pages, all with unique meta page titles for every keyword, is a good idea because it gives visitors a page that specifically suits their search, whatever it may be. It also gives Google lots of opportunities to rank your website’s pages for niche keywords.

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