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Twitter metrics, fairly simple to keep track of some top-line data of your Twitter users

-Number of followers: How many people are following you, and how is that growing over time? Your goal should be 1,000 Twitter followers, and your Twitter following should be growing at about 9 percent per month.

-Speed of growth: Track when the followers started following you. Twitter should send you an email detailing this information. Steady growth can mean a brand with strong, consistent awareness. Growth spurts can mean that people started following you based on their interest in one specific post that may or may not be characteristic of your other tweets.

-Number of questions and comments: Track the number of times people directly contact you with a question or comment.

-Are you listed: Twitter users can organize the people they follow into lists. These offer a way to group together the people one follows on Twitter so the user can get an overview of what they’re up to: one list might be for a user’s family members, another for work colleagues, another for businesses or an industry they follow. While lists do not necessarily suggest that you are being closely followed, they do show that someone is interested enough in you to segment your tweets into a group with like-minded tweeters. To see how many lists you are part of, click the “lists” link in the upper right-hand corner of your Twitter home page. While there is no simple way to increase the likelihood that someone will add you to a list, providing consistent and interesting tweets may help that to happen.

-Re-tweets: On average, a business tweets about 4.5 times per day. Measure how often and what types of messages that you post on Twitter are re-tweeted. People retweet messages that interest them, and that they think will interest others. To measure this, look at the right-hand side of your Twitter home page and click on the “Re-tweet” link. Click on the tab that says “your tweets, re-tweeted” and you can get an idea of your most popular tweets.

For some businesses, having every third tweet re-tweeted is the norm. You and use this metric to track  re-tweets, and
watch for the types of tweets that are re-tweeted. For other businesses, followers will not re-tweet messages often, but , what is most important to notice is what types of topics get the most re-tweets. These are the types of messages that are likely to be resonating with many customers, and they give you an idea of what topics to focus on in future tweets.

-Business  mentions: While on your Twitter home page, click on the link with your username preceded by the “@” symbol; on our page, it would be @smlbizsmarts. This shows you all the times people tweet about your brand.

-Response to special offers: Send out “special offers” via Twitter, and count the number of people mentioning Twitter. Can use coupons to attract visitors to the marketplace, and these coupons are offered primarily via Twitter. Use coupon-tracking codes so that you can see how quickly the customer redeemed the coupon and where they used it. Additionally,  you will  find that people re-tweet these offers, so the coupon spreads virally, which should be the goal of any promotion.

Leads: Track sales from people who mention they follow you on Twitter.


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