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Lets take a look at what Google’s Future Innovations could be. Improved Image search: Google’s image search is already a popular product, streamlining the search results into a huge, borderless collection of images and speeding up indexing of images to lightning levels. It has also changed the display of a clicked-on image so that the site it comes from is more visible in the background than it used to be. This change to the user interface has brought webmasters who feature lots of images on their sites a greater click-through to the actual site. In the future, Google might make images a greater part of the search experience, following in Bing’s footsteps by featuring lots of beautiful, visual content. Google will have better filters so that you can search in a much more specific way. Google already has a little-known way of searching for images of faces only. (Simply add &imgtype=face to the URL after performing an image search.), extending this functionality to other categories such as living things (for example, plants only) and materials (for instance, wood only).

In-Video search: in-video search to Google Books, an extremely ambitious project that lets you search the text of
millions of offline books that Google has scanned. Like Google Books, video is an area that was hitherto unsearchable because there was no way to know what was inside a video without actually watching it. However, the technology to search videos has existed for a while now, and it is only a matter of time until Google releases an in-video search feature. Not only are the words of a video interesting to search through, but also the sound effects and music. Google currently employs song recognition in YouTube to prevent copyright violators but hasn’t given the public access to this tool.

Social Comments on search results:What was missing was the ability for friends (or at least trusted connections) to comment on the search results. Google’s main search product will undergo more and more personalization in the future.

Natural Language search: Typing keywords into a search box is something we all had to get used to. But technology seems to be going in the direction of making our lives more intuitive, hence the rise of touch screens and video games that respond to the motions of your body. Most people would agree that it would be great if your search engine understood you better. This is the sentiment behind natural language search, which attempts to return meaningful results in response to queries such as “What is the second fastest animal in the world?” Google wouldn’t do too well with that one because it would just register what / second / fastest / animal / world and return results about the cheetah, that mention how many seconds it takes for it to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour. Technologists have been focused on natural language search for many years, and it is all but a certainty that it will make its debut on Google in the coming decade.


4 responses to “Google’s Future Innovations

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