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Some primary ways to use mobile media for your brand to connect with customers and prospects. Companies are using six key approaches:

Short Message Service (SMS)—SMS, usually referred to as texting, is the most common phone-based activity among U.S. cellphone users of all ages. That said, SMS for marketing purposes is equivalent to Mobile Media 1.0. Although SMS is still used frequently for marketing purposes, the wide adoption of smart phone technology will soon overwhelm SMS as a marketing tool.

Mobile Websites—The most sophisticated marketers have a subdomain set up specifically for mobile phones. So, for example, when users type into a smart phone, the ESPN site actually figures out that they’re visiting the site from a mobile device and redirects them to a subdomain (such as That way, the user experience from a mobile phone is different than the user experience at a computer. The trick here is to be sure you create a mobile website that loads quickly and provides a simple, streamlined experience.

Mobile Ads: The most common mobile ads are simple text links and graphical banner and display ads. Banner and display ads are sold based on cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA), and cost per thousand (CPM). With CPC, you’re charged only when someone clicks on your ad. It’s the same model that a paid search campaign on Google, Bing, or Yahoo! uses. With CPA, you get charged each time you acquire a lead from your mobile media ad. CPA programs are great if you know how much a lead is worth to your company and what percentage of leads you can convert to a sale. With CPM, you’re charged based on the number of times your ad is served.

Bluetooth Marketing: This is a form of on-demand mobile marketing that targets users based on precise geographical location. For example, if you’re standing within 100 feet of Joe’s Pizza, you might receive a free coupon, wallpaper, ringtone, or video or audio file that prompts you to visit Joe’s and order a pizza.

Smartphone Apps: The primary smartphone platforms include iPhone, Android, Palm, and Blackberry. The best way to use apps for marketing is to create something that’s functional (such as a calculator), that’s entertaining (such as a game), or that provides some sort of social connectedness. Many applications are fee based, but companies are increasingly giving away smart phone apps as a way to stay connected with customers and prospects.

QR Codes: are the two dimensional barcodes that can be found in print ads, in-store posters, and even on the jacket cover of this book. They were initially used for tracking parts for vehicle manufacturers, but are now used in magazines, newspapers, signs and even T-shirts to send people to a Web page, download an MP3, dial a telephone number, or send an email message. Some people are even putting them on business cards so people can download contact information directly into their contact database.


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