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How do you figure out which sites have a real TrustRank and therefore will be good targets to approach about selling or trading links? You need to do some Google TrustRank mining to determine this. If you sell a particular product, type that product in Google. The top 40 results definitely have a TrustRank. The top 10 results definitely have a lot of TrustRank.

When using this method to determine TrustRank , make sure you only search for competitive terms. If you enter an uncommon search term, even your first five results might not have a lot of TrustRank, as Google will try to find results that are relevant to your  search.

Example: Suppose you have just opened a golf supply store. So you will want to receive as many high TrustRank links to increase your own TrustRank. You will type golf into Google. As you scan the top 10 results, you should be looking  for organizations, resources , conference pages, and any other established site that might be likely to link to your website merely because you are a part of the same industry. Those kinds of pages are what you should typically be looking for. Apart from industry sites, you should be seeking any site from which you have a reason to request a link.

Since golf is a high volume search and the top 10 results have  a very good TrustRank. Therefore, any of them will be good targets to approach to acquire a link to their sites. A few informational sites about golf, which are perfect places to put your link provided you can convince them. Getting links from at least four sites on the first page, you’d be well on your way to the top of the results for most golf-related keywords.

Lets try a less common search term golf supply. The first 10 results have a good  TrustRank. Golf supply is a common enough phrase, and looking above the results companies are buying ads alongside the search results. When you see a lot of ads come up around a search, it usually means that the search seemed worthy enough to other businesses that they were willing to invest money in it. That’s a sign that the search is competitive and the top 10 results probably had to earn their spots on the first page with a healthy amount of TrustRank. So once again,  it is good about getting a link from any of these sites.

Now you can try a much less competitive phrase premium golf supply.  Since the search is not a common one these sites may not have a good TrustRank. Clicking the sites on this page, I see that almost all of them are pages from e-commerce sites. There is very little chance that an e-commerce site would link to another website because it would distract buyers from making purchases. Some of these websites, however, are worth considering based on the fact that they have links right on the landing pages.

Now that you have an easy way to see which web pages are most trusted, you can quickly compile a list of websites that you should be approaching to ask whether they would be willing to link to your site. If your site were to receive a link from every website that shows up in the top 40 or 50 results for your most competitive search terms, your site could reach a top spot on Google.


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  3. We’ve been looking at trustrank for some time now, as it’s more apt to getting some serious clout behind a website and giving it a real reputation. This article’s really helped to define what trust rank is though and certainly seperates it from the “mythical” pagerank.

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