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Apart from Google, Twitter and Facebook there are other useful Search services to capture conversation. Though Facebook is the largest social networking site, its in-site search may not be the best way to see such data. is a simple to search and you can see what others are searching for.  It has the unique ability to search Facebook  for male and female Facebookers and is useful if you need to search on gender. Can view the most recent searches if you need to know what’s happening at present. Its is also possible to browse recently updated profile pictures of facebook users’ names and thumbnails. You can select specific countries if you are interested in a particular geographical area. Lets you view hot trending topics and see what is being sought on Facebook with the top 100 popular search list. You can search Facebook’s 500 million network or Twitter’s network instead. Can have  real-time look at what is trending on facebook based on open search keywords or using a specific topic. You can select from main topics like news, music, sports, politics, fashion or movies provides a stream of updates from recent accounts. Displays number of  ”likes’ and comments a Facebook post has received and narrow down the results by what’s trending and what’s popular. is a dedicated search engine for Facebook and Twitter, but you can narrow down to see results from one service or the other. The search results continue to refresh after after you’ve looked up a word or phrase.


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