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White and black boxes that look like a printed version of what could be a computer chip. You may have seen them in print ads in magazines, in catalogs or alongside products in local stores. The boxes you see are Quick Response Codes called QR Codes for short, these two-dimensional codes are readable on smart phones with camera capabilities. In order to “read” them, simply download a free QR Code reader from your phone’s app store. Then place your phone over the code until the reader identifies the code. Next thing you know your phone will open up the information stored inside that small printed box.

QR Codes will always lead to a web site. The Code may simply act as a link to a company’s product web site. Or, it may launch a web page that is only available to the smartphone users who scan it. The Code may lead to a video clip that offers
further information about the product or service it is promoting.

In some cases, the Code will take you to our Facebook or Twitter pages or a product web site. In other cases, the QR Code will take you to a special video that is only available to those who scan the Code.

Many manufacturers produce high quality videos touting the benefits of their products, and they are available for your use. Try searching a specific manufacturer’s YouTube channel or their web site for a product video matching the products you sell. Then generate a QR Code that links to that video (you can find a free QR Code generator on the Internet). Once you have your QR Code created, print it out on a sign for the product line. Your clients will love the value-added benefit these Codes create. When explaining the benefits of a product, the customer can simply use their phone to scan the Code for more information.

QR Codes are another way to promote your business web site. If, you have a printed menu of services you supply to customers, instead of just printing your web address on the piece, include a QR Code that links to your web site. This makes it faster and easier for mobile phone users to access the information they are looking for. Clients will appreciate the speed and ease of access to your information that QR Codes can provide and any tool that makes your clients’ lives easier.


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