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Google TrustRank is the degree to which Google trusts that your website will be valuable to visitors if presented as a search result. Google will place your website highly in search results if it has a good TrustRank . TrustRank is earned the same way as PageRank: is by receiving links from other sites. The age of a site also increases its TrustRank.

The PageRank found on the Google toolbar, is updated only every two to three months, so the PageRank you see today could be very different from the page’s actual PageRank, which is tabulated daily by Google.

Google penalizes websites that sell links by crippling their ability to transfer TrustRank and they do not inform penalized websites that they have lost the ability to pass TrustRank to other sites. Most of the links that are sold today are from penalized pages and have absolutely no value to their buyers.

-Google gives the most TrustRank to sites that have links from well linked web pages.                                                             -Google does not allow sites that sell links to pass trust but shows no indication of the sites that have been disallowed to     pass trust.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -A site has a high TrustRank if its links are from websites that, to the best of your knowledge, have never sold links.

If a site looks professional, has been around for sometime, and doesn’t have anything spammy written on it, it is likely to be in good standing with Google and will transfer TrustRank properly. If you search for a particular term in Google , the top 40 results definitely have TrustRank and the top 10 results definitely have a lot of TrustRank. Remember to search for competitive terms. Do not search uncommon terms even the top 5 results may not have a lot of TrustRank.

Beacuse Search engines is a high-volume search and these are the top 10 results for it, we can immediately feel certain that each of the 10 results has a good amount of TrustRank. Therefore, any of them would be good targets to approach about acquiring a link on their sites.

Now lets try a less common search: search engine marketing. Here to the top 10 results have quite good TrustRank. When you see a lot of ads come up around a search, it usually means that the search seemed worthy enough to other businesses that they were willing to invest money in it. That’s a sign that the search is competitive and the top 10 results probably had to earn their spots on the first page with a healthy amount of TrustRank.

Lets try to search for a much less competitive phrase: search engines list. Because the search is obviously not an especially common one, these sites do not have enough TrustRank to approach for getting links.

Try to get a lot of websites to link to your website that
–Have many inbound links
— Have never sold links
This will give your site TrustRank and cause Google to send it traffic.


Posted October 20, 2011 by Anoop George Joseph in Internet

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