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How do you  create videos to uphold your brand in YouTube search and acquire real business leads?

-YouTube is a Search Engine.
-Optimize the Key Elements of a Video for Findability
-Measure Key Indicators of Success in YouTube

YouTube is a Search Engine: YouTube gets more searches than Yahoo! and Bing. Youtube is not just a video sharing site and start treating it as a major search engine in your internet marketing strategy.

Think of every video you create as you would a page on your website — each one will rank and can be found by millions
of YouTube searchers. Every single video you produce and upload to your YouTube channel should be titled with valuable and highly searched keyword phrases.  YouTube content just like any other content — just create great content that your target audience will find interesting, optimize it with keywords for which your target audience is searching and you have the ability to uphold your brand and gain business from YouTube.

Optimize the Key Element of Every Video for Findability:

Use a Keyword in the Title: Research your keywords. Use a keyword that is highly searched as part of your naming
convention of the video title. The Google Keyword Tool is free and an excellent option for researching keyword phrase

Optimize and Create an Effective Description: Make sure your URL, call-to-action or phone number is included in the beginning of the first sentence in your description. Sprinkle keywords throughout your description for better findability with YouTube search.

-Don’t Ignore the Keyword Tags: Go to the search box in YouTube and you will get auto-complete suggested searches based on a particular keyword. Suggestions include the search term and alternatives. These alternatives can be used as tags for your video, as well as for your future video plans and ideas. Even more options are possible with YouTube’s advanced search.

Make use of Annotations: Make sure to use annotations to notify users when a video has a more updated version, to link them to a page on your website or blog, or any other call-to-action important to your business initiatives.

Key Indicators of Success in YouTube: It’s important to be able to identify what keywords and video content is working. Here are a few metrics you can follow in order to measure your YouTube success meaningfully.

-Increase in subscribers to your channel over time.
– Number of total views.
– Presence and positioning of your videos when searching targeted  keywords in YouTube search.
– Comments on videos.
– YouTube Insight.
– Track and get detailed information on your videos and viewer behavior.

Your efforts to produce videos must pay off by getting in front of a searching audience that will convert.


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