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The market for video is vast and online video usage continues its meteoric growth. Video is big business and as users expect more from the ’Net experience, new demands will be placed on Web professionals.

The list of benefits that video marketing provides is long and the proof extensive. For instance, retail site visitors who
view video stay two minutes longer, on average, and are 64 percent more likely to purchase than other site visitors. When used in e-mail marketing, video has been shown to increase click-through rates by more than 96 percent.  Email Marketing Trends reveal, Rich media ads containing video increase purchase intent by 1.16 percent and drive success more than four times that of Flash animation (DoubleClick, The Brand Value of Rich Media Ads). If video impacts the e-commerce, e-mail and design industries, count on it impacting your industry vertical as well.

However, many questions about the efficacy of video marketing and development remain. Does offer a realistic portal for your video marketing ideas? What about user-generated video aggregators, such as YouTube  or MegaVideo , where users are consuming the majority of video content today? You will find services that enable live broadcasting, like  and , right alongside emerging video destinations like , and tools like TwitVid.

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