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Mobile is considered more than a messaging device. In fact. the mobile is a unique medium with its own characteristics and a set of consumer response patterns unlike any other.

Each and every time the mobile campaign has proved themselves with better results than traditional online in just about any metrics. Marketers are beginning to see how mobile can turn established marketing practices on their head and become the lead into marketing programs. Use mobile to close the loop and drive people to buy by innovating executions and recognizing  that the mobile is in its own platform and not an extension to email or online.

Engage specialist mobile marketing firms that not only understand the technology but also understand the application. There are more than a handful of brilliant minds that ‘just get’ mobile marketing and can show you how to do some amazing things.

There is an integration between email and mobile.  Consider,  of smartphone users, over 60% read their emails on their phone as either the primary or secondary source and for personal addresses this is even higher. So now, when looking at email campaigns, you must consider the reader being on a mobile device and  not ignore the ability to leverage the mobile, any embedded links in email must link to mobile web. Yet another reason to go web is the inability in an email to link to an app in a device independent fashion. Sure, you can launch an app from an email, but you first need to know their handset before you send the email. So use email to launch a device-independent mobile website properly rendered and designed for high impact against device.

Consumers are 10 times more likely to answer simple questions on a mobile website to get access to content. Prompt for email, name or even their mobile and you will find an amazing level of willingness to enter simple data.

Using customized links in messages that already contain consumers’ email addresses, or mobile numbers in case of an SMS-based link., you can prompt for remaining data and continue to build your customers’ profiles. Integrate with CRM (customer relationship management) containing POS (point of sale) and loyalty data and you can begin to develop content contextual to the consumer.

Use location based-services and any of the available reverse location look-up platforms and you can analyze down to the street and suburb of  the consumer engaging with the campaign. The only way to gather location details is to change the keyword for different locations. This is not ideal and is a costly exercise. A click through to a well-crafted mobile website, however could potentially measurement down to the nearest 50 meters or so. Imagine the power of being able to place your outdoor advertising in the region where 80 percent of your consumers engage.

Think about all the data analytics and fact based insight available in being able to extract greater profile data, including location of engagement, not just their home address. A consumer has just received a retailer’s offer and clicks through the link. The link may already contain their email, which is passed to their website, which immediately prompts for mobile number and permission to locate them. Coupons, vouchers and offers can be made based on their existing behavioural patterns extracted from their CRM or based on their location. So, if the consumer is 50 meters of the retailer’s store a super special offer is made if they come in the store within an hour.

One of the problems is that the store locators are not integrated with the messaging . A consumer has gone to the effort to find your location and the site does nothing to engage beyond displaying the details. Every store locator should provide an option to enter mobile number and have the store details and opening hours sent as a text message. Better still is send an MMS and include a special time sensitive voucher.

The final ingredient in proximity detection in mobiles. NFC (near field communications) is a hot topic among vendors and analysts, the ability to use mobile with NFC for ‘tap and go’  type payments, ticketing, voucher redemption and a range of other loyalty and venue-based initiatives.


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