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Increase sales conversions by retargeting  abandoned websites. Online shoppers very often abandon their shopping carts for some reason maybe, they think they can get the product cheaper elsewhere.

Whatever the reason, you no longer need to sit back and let prospective buyers drift away or wander to the competitor’s website.  You may be able to track them down and close the sale through behavior retargeting, also referred to as behavioral remarketing or simply retargeting.

If say, a potential customer visits your site, tosses a few items into the shopping cart and walks out the virtual door before completing the transaction, you may be able to woo them back. Sites that use Google Adwords or a retargeting vendor record a snippet of computer code to identify each visitor. The next time that person visits a participating site where you advertise, your banner ad will show up. Run ads that will educate shoppers about an almost expired special offer or remind them that your company has an excellent track record with fraud prevention and you may see that once abandoned shopping cart at your checkout.

The idea behind retargeting is that once you have succeeded in attracting visitors to your site, they have already shown an interest in your products and are likely to be more receptive to your call for action, whatever it may be-purchasing a product, subscribing to a service, registering for a newsletter or downloading a white paper. Chances are good that you ma have invested considerable resources to attract visitors to your site and are looking at a conversion rate in the single digits. Retargeting gives you additional opportunities to convert those lost prospects in a relatively cost effective manner.

As you might guess, the average  online shopper may not appreciate commercialized cyberstalking  and its associated advertisements, so be careful. Consider testing the ad on a few loyal customers.

Retargeting may also be better suited for business-to-business customers who are more inclined to view the tool as a genuine effort to address their needs than to violate their privacy. B2B customers are more likely to return to your site to check out products and servces they previously overlooked.


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