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Youtube can make your business shine, even though you may have a small budget. Youtube and other video sharing sites can help you maximize your ROI.

When a video advertisement is naturally passed by users through the internet, viral videos are created. Videos anchored to a highly visible site are clearly branded and are meant to be seen as commercials or information sources. Viral videos are instant encounters between consumers and your brand or product. Brand-focused videos are meant to be seen as messages from brand to consumers.

Viral videos

These videos are passed on through the internet by sharing.

Viral videos show something new or not seen before. The person or people in the video must do something so unexpected that the viewer wil be caught off guard and feel compelled to pass the video along.

The video can imitate the type of videos that go viral. Look at several different viral videos  and see if you can imitate the types of things shown.

A good viral video lies between real and unbelievable.The more gullible will be shocked and will pass it on. But even the more discerning will pass it along because they think other people have been fooled by it, and want to correct them.

The video should also look authentically homemade. Sure, there are many high-budget, visually rich ads that get passed around as viral videos. A good viral video will use its low budget as an asset. The lack of visual richness will also blur the boundary between real and unreal.

Have a place where users can easily connect. The video back to other parts of your marketing plan is crucial. Keeping viral videos on a single site is important. Connection to the home site should be easily accessible.

Most viral videos fail.

Brand-focused videos

Make them very engaging. Keep your videos short, dense and if possible funny.

Make sure video has important content.  If comedy does not suit your product or service, informative how-to videos can be very effective.

Make it Interactive. Maybe engaging with customers’ concerns in the video form could be a good idea.

Work across platforms. Try to answer their questions from multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter,Reddit, Youtube and more. By encouraging viewers to use different platforms, you encourage consumers to get more rapidly involved with your brand or company.

Make it Professional. As these videos are seen as messages from your company, make sure they look and sound good.

Other Important things

Have your pages setup on Facebook and Twitter , create a website and blog as well.

Set up accounts and channels with all the major video sharing sites. Example: Youtube, Vimeo, Google, Metacafe and Dailymotion.

Customize your channel. Keep the look and feel as professional as possible. Use black text on white. Keep background jpg as simple and uncluttered as possible. Youtube offers details on how to create fully customizable players.

Connect all of your sites together. Provide links to your Facebook and Twitter pages through your Youtube channel and vice versa. Facebook has an app that lets you embed videos on your page, can also use static FBML app to create more customized environments with HTML.

Upload your videos. You can use Youtube uploader, but if you are using many site, Tubemogul offers a service that allows you to quickly and easily post your videos to all the major video sharing sites and provides good analytics to check the performance.

Make sure to embed the video. If you want your video to float freely through the internet. If you want people to be forced to your channel, disable embedding. Make sure that viewers can easily share your videos.

Promote your videos.  Tweet about them, blog about them, let your Facebook friends know about them.


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