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Web trends predicted accurately by business owners – well, that’s how multibillion dollar companies are born. Therefore, the most important web trends are those developments that your online business cannot afford to ignore.

Everything’s in real time

The developments taking place in real-time technology will impact every industry across the internet- from SEO to ecommerce to web design. Google was the first to introduce Google Instant real-time search last year.

Real-time search, real-time content distribution, real-time ad bidding, real-time analytics and real-time content translation are some of the areas in which technologies are changing the web.

To ensure that your website stays ahead of this trend, direct your focus on providing continually fresh and useful content that matters in real time- content that addresses the current needs of your audience. Engage your customers on social networks.

Create and distribute helpful blog posts and informational videos on which users can comment and share with one another, and invite them to write reviews about your products, services and business. Build an application or optimize your website to ensure that users can access your business on their mobile devices and get the information they need right away.

To monitor the engagement, explore some real-time analytics solutions to determine how your visitors are interacting with your site.

The resurgence of display

Few industries are expected to come out of the recession as the online display advertising. Forecasts show that online display advertising earnings will surpass $10 billion in the next 12 months, local targeted display ads will more than double in 2011. The only other online advertising format predicted to grow is streaming video.

Location, Localization

The most important trends is the continued development of geolocation  technologies and the check-in services provided by companies such as Foursquare and Gowalla.

Facebook, the world’s most popular social network added a deals feature to its months old location-based service, Facebook Places. Through Facebook Deals, retailers and merchants will  offer discounts to users checking into Facebook from specific locations.

This is highly significant not only for retailers, merchants and those in the location based service space, but also for dozens of companies in the growing deals, local coupons and group-buying spaces.

Google’s interest in location has also being growing rapidly, most recently with heavy focus on local search listings. Businesses must be sure to take advantage of the new emphasis on location by including their geographic data wherever possible and taking part in local deals promotions when they can.

Maps that show up in Google’s local  listings now are big as organic listings. Companies  should claim their listings, providing categories , descriptions and so on. Local businesses need citations from Google and make sure that users are talking about their companies on social networks and through reviews.

Social Mobilization

Users are increasingly relying on social networks to connect with each other and with businesses, and the trend is rapidly gaining momentum. Also gaining momentum is users’ dependence on mobile devices. The challenge lies in being able to move in a direction that makes the website the hub of connectivity. Because consumers are becoming more socially mobile everyday, businesses must recognize that it is going to be more about  personal connectivity. The two most important things a business can do is to provide content that can be found and shared on social networks, such as videos and user generated content, and to ensure it is optimized for mobile consumption.

Businesses need a content strategy that will enable them to build a following on social networks,  and they need to make their brand or their business available anytime and anywhere to accommodate for mobile. Optimize you website without a lot of flash technology on the front end, or building a mobile application for iphone, ipad and Android devices. Keep in mind how important it is to explain the purpose and goals of your business in the shortest amount of time and space, and be sure to emphasize the physical location of the business as well as other information that is vital to the customer.


Posted May 17, 2011 by Anoop George Joseph in Internet

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